How Do I Clean My Vape?

Regardless of how often you vape, there will inevitably come a time when you need to clean your piece. Regularly cleaning your vaporizer is a key part of maintaining its longevity, whether you’re using a Wulf Vape or a vape box.

In addition to helping keep your vape in good condition, cleaning your vape also helps you get the most flavor from vaping. While you’ll want to do a simple clean each time you swap flavors, every few weeks you should spend some time on a more intensive clean. Here are some tips on how to properly clean your vaporizer.

Disassemble your vape

The first step to getting your vape clean is to disassemble it. This allows you to give each component the individual attention it needs for a thorough cleaning. Obviously, you don’t want to get the battery wet, so it is important to separate each component, including the drip tip, tank lid, tank, coil, tank base, and box mod.

The two most important parts of your vape to clean are the tank, which holds your vaping liquid, and the coil, which heats the liquid into vapor.

When your vape coils need to be replaced

People often end up replacing their vaporizer coils far more often than they need to. While it’s true that this needs to be done at some point, properly cleaning the coils of your vape is one way to extend its lifespan. There are, however, a few instances where a simple wipe down of the coils won’t suffice, and it’s time to move on.

If your coils look damaged or crusted over, you’ll want to swap them out. It may also be time to replace them with fresh coils if your vaporizer isn’t producing as much vapor as usual or you’re getting a burnt flavor even after cleaning your vape. If you aren’t experiencing these types of issues, simply rinse your coils with warm water and move on to your vape tank.

Clean your vape tank

Cleaning your vape tank is a simple process, and what sort of solution you use is up to your own personal taste. After detaching the tank from the rest of your vape, you’ll want to remove any remaining e-liquid and then disassemble the tank completely. You’ll then want to add the tank to a bowl with your cleaning solution.

Some vape users just use a simple bowl of warm water with a drop or two of dish soap, while others prefer using vodka or another high-proof alcohol to really get their vape clean. No matter which solution you choose, you’ll then want to rinse and wipe your tank off with warm water before letting it air dry on a clean cloth or paper towel for about ten minutes. After completing this process, your vape tank will be as good as new.

Maintenance tips

Besides cleaning your vape once or twice a month, there are a few other ways that you can extend the life of your vaporizer.

Properly storing your vape in a storage case that protects it from fluctuating temperatures and dust is one important part of vape maintenance. Similarly, it’s also important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and maintain proper e-liquid levels in your vape, regardless of whether you’re using traditional e-liquids or a flavored CBD oil recommended by The CBD Insider.

If you’ve started to lose the flavor of your vape or are about to change e-liquids, it never hurts to give your vape a quick cleaning. Disassembling your device and rinsing it in water or alcohol only takes a few minutes, and is important to do if you don’t want to be replacing your vape every few months.

How Do I Clean My Vape?
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