10 Things You Should Never Wear When Traveling Abroad

When it comes to venturing abroad, there are some dos and don’ts. Most of these more often than not have to do with the local ways and culture. There is, however, some certain faux pas when it comes to what you should be wearing when traveling abroad.

Today I am going to be taking you through 10 of the things you should never wear when traveling abroad and I will also tell you why.

Expensive Accessories

I may be overstating the obvious here, but wearing expensive accessories when you are traveling abroad, can make you a beacon for the wrong types of attention.

Keeping things subtle can be the best move to make. After all, some cultures may see your fancy accessories and get the wrong idea of who you are and what you represent. 

Faith-Based Clothing

From personal experience, I have seen first hand the reaction to people wearing clothes containing religious imagery. While these clothes may not draw any ill-willed attention in your home country, while traveling abroad, they can have dire consequences.

You should always think carefully about the religion of your destination country and be sure not to offend the local people.

Open-Toe Shoes

One item of clothing that nearly all of us are guilty of wearing abroad is open-toe shoes, myself included. What some people may not realize is that as footwear, this is highly frowned upon in some European countries, especially Italy and Spain. 

If you are heading anywhere but the beach, a closed-toe shoe would be the best choice. Champion, for example, offers a plethora of leather trainers with styles for everybody.


Although for some, packing shorts is the first stop when it comes to holiday clothes, you should research your destination first. 

If you are traveling to Asia, for example, people generally do not wear shorts. Your shorts should be kept for leisure purposes only.

Bright Coloured Clothing

While some of us have a loud and proud dress sense (myself not included) the choice of bright color when traveling abroad is not always a good one.

In certain countries, colors can indicate bad luck, and in others, bold colors will make you stand out like a saw thumb. 

It is always a great idea where possible to stick to classic colors such as blue, grey and even black. 

Ill-Fitting Jeans 

Jeans are, of course, fashionable the world over but you may find yourself at the butt of some unwanted attention if your jeans are baggy and filled with rips. While ripped jeans may be popular where you are from, in a lot of countries, they are deemed offensive to culture.

Smart, well-fitted jeans will always be welcome in most countries around the world. 

Religiously Immodest Clothing

If your travels take you to the middle east, the clothing you wear can be one of the most critical factors on your entire trip.

You should be sure to research before you travel, any of the wrongs and rights when it comes to dressing in another country. Always taking some cooling, well-fitted clothes with you will be the safest choice. You can, of course, find a vast collection at Champion. Or, instead of taking your favorite Champion sweatshirts with you when traveling abroad, buy them online from FarFetch at a discount.

Patriotic Clothing

Wearing clothing with patriotic labeling can be a dangerous thing. The last thing you should want to do when traveling abroad is sparking a debate over differences beyond your control. Keeping clothing neutral is always the best way to fit in.

The Camera 

The camera is one of those items that we see everywhere when we are traveling abroad. Wearing it like an accessory around your neck is not the advice I would give. Wearing a camera like this only points you out as a tourist to the masses.

The last thing you want to look like is a tourist, so where possible, it is best to blend in with the crowds.

Expensive Clothing

The final thing on the list is expensive clothing, many people have some designer gear and like to show it off, yet again, while traveling, this is an awful idea. It is always best to leave as much in the way of valuables at home, be it a Cartier watch or a Christian Dior bag. 

The uncomfortable truth is when, in another country, we’re all the more vulnerable. So when you’re packing for your next trip, it is a great idea to think carefully about what you are taking with you.

10 Things You Should Never Wear When Traveling Abroad
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