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EMERGING Bahamian author Kelda Rolle took a deep sea dive into the minds of men when she began extensive research for her new book, “Men Under A Microscope’.

Also referred to as the “Man Bible”, the book seeks to help readers understand men and use this knowledge to get more out of their relationships.

Before she wrote the book, Kelda said she pondered why men seem so complex in their reactions toward women. This initial interest led her to do a little research and she discovered that men “function in accordance with their primal drive, which revealed them like an open book.”

She said she also discovered systematic patterns of behaviour that were present in almost every man she had come into contact with.

“My words, fashioned into a manual, are based on my understanding of how men feature themselves. It is very descriptive of what a man thinks, wants, needs and deserves. I did not male bash in anyway, instead I both validated and explained a man’s most travelled course when involved with a woman in any way,” she said.

“I refer to my masterpiece as a ‘Man Bible’, because not only is it factual, it’s dependable and it also fits recurring situations. All three reasons indicate why my information will remain the same, time and time again.”

Kelda said she considers herself a male advocate, as she gives men a voice through the pages of her book.

“My ability to hear everything that men do not say, when they say the little that they do, is what prompted me to put pen to paper. I just had to tell everybody. Men and women are alike. While I do not profess to know everything, I will announce that I was smart enough to dredge into a man’s a core, only to emerge with the bar code of a man that puts him on display in a non-traditional way,” she said.

“Both men and women should have a go at it, because not only does it teach women about men in great detail, it educates a man about himself,” she told Tribune Arts and Entertainment.

Kelda said men are not from a different planet like some people believe. In fact, through her research she found that men are in many ways similar to women.

“Men are human beings, too, and so just like everybody else they count on you to know what they want. And no, they do not walk around with a general synopsis of themselves to tell you, but they sure do hope you get it right,” she said.

Kelda said the book can appeal to anyone – men, women, young adults, married or divorced persons.

“Building a relationship is easier than maintaining one, but after reading my interpretations of men, women should come away with a deeper knowledge of how, where and when not to insert themselves. Women will be enlightened, giving them the insight to stimulate their relationships with necessary growth,” she said.

“I hope the book encourages women to dig a little deeper into their man, his capabilities, issues, likes, dislikes, and if you will, what makes him tick. And yes, a man will always remain a mystery to a woman – only in the absence of my book – but the least a woman can do is attempt to understand her man. Men on the other hand will gain clarity of themselves because I wrote the book about them, but for them.”

The book is available from Author House, Barnes and Nobles and Amazon.

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