Redefining the Man Cave

The Omaha World Herald ran a disturbing piece last month about updating the man cave. The author’s suggestions were rather harmless and cliched, but certainly not threatening. No, what raised the male hackles about the piece was when a prominent Seattle architect, a male architect, mind you, was quoted as saying that the reason the […]

Does Football Make For Better Men?

Well, the Huffington Post is at it again: they have just posted an opinion piece on Football, written by Jessica Luther, who hosts a feminist sports podcast called — I kid you not — “Burn It All Down.” Her Huff Po piece is called “Football Won’t Turn Boys Into Men.” Just exactly what it WILL […]

Let’s Go Man Tripping!

The media is chock-a-block with male bonding and man tripping. Just this week the Orlando Sentinel ran a luscious piece on man tripping down in Cabo San Lucas on the tip of the Baja Peninsula. The photographs of rugged men with their shirts open to the breeze, exposing chest hair that would need a machete […]

Why Men are That Way

Men are that way because they want to be. Also because women don’t want them to be that way. And finally because nobody in their right mind would really claim to know what ‘that way’ actually means. Every time there is a new sex scandal in the news, from Washington or from the Catholic Church […]

Makeup for Men?

Men don’t get made up unless they’re circus clowns, right? Better think again. The French makeup and perfume monolith Chanel just announced they are bringing out a line of makeup specifically for men. The fashion formers in Paris say they are just going along with the latest trends in the changing concept of masculinity. The […]

Do Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women?

The website ‘LiveScience’ has a provocative article today on why men lose weight faster than women. A recent research study with two-thousand adults in Australia and New Zealand demonstrated that when men and women go on crash diets together, the men lose weight faster than their female counterparts. Don’t shoot the messenger, ladies! I’m just […]

Sports Radio and Men

The New York Times ran a big long article today on how advertisers are turning more and more to sports radio for the male demographic — from pimple popping teens to gum licking geezers. Men, it seems, are hardwired to want to listen to sports jocks talk about golf scores, MLB bull pens, polo ponies […]

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