What Are The Forces Driving Men’s Fashion Today?

We don’t know how we missed it, but somehow we did — Men’s Fashion Week has already come and gone in Paris. We apologize for this tremendous blunder, and promise it will never happen again. We’ve already disciplined our appointment setter by making him sit in the corner with nothing but a locked BlackBerry. And our travel agent is now doing penance in a hut just outside of Bruneau Dunes State Park in Idaho. That’ll teach ’em.

After gazing raptly at photos from the Men’s Fashion Show, it is apparent that a revolution is happening for men’s footwear. The shoes on the runway were more sophisticated, yet of a bespoke duality. Celine’s is still refusing to do men’s street wear and continues to be a minimal branding experience. Statement-making initiatives are what’s happening to men’s clothing in 2018, according to Riccardo Tisci of Burberry’s. And who can doubt it, looking at the prehensile hoodies and off-white uber shop for men at Bon Marche?

The sneaker cult continues to grow like a fungal infection (but in a positive way.) Master splicer designer for men’s shoes Chitose Abe has worked her magic once again on pale green Nike sneakers with double tongues, triple shoe laces, and quadruple swooshes. It boggles not only the mind but the doppelganger.

And if anyone out there knows what all the above gobbledygook actually means, please email us immediately. We’d really like to know . . .

What Are The Forces Driving Men’s Fashion Today?
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