Love Me, Love My Meat!

The website Green News recently ran an article urging men to consider the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. The author, one Charline Fernandez, laments the fact that in the United States 80 percent of all vegans are women. She pleads with the male American citizen to give up his bratwurst, steak, and pork chops for the delights of cottage cheese over shredded lettuce and quinoa jazzed up with tofu.

She quotes another vegan, a man, Alex Lockwood, as saying men are trapped by the stereotype of manly mass consumption of beef, pork, and chicken as an expected way of life — thus leading to more green house gas (since cattle are one of the main culprits when it comes to releasing methane gas into the air) and heart disease.

Ms Fernandez is hoping that the younger male generation will not be trapped by gender stereotypes and that they will start to revel in chug-a-lugging carrot juice and munching on lentil-based chips.

The American Meat Council, of course, is letting no grass grow under their feet, or hoofs, from this increasing challenge from vegans. In supermarkets across the land they are working hand in glove with butchers to offer a Two For The Price Of One sale on roasts and chops of all kinds. This means that while a one pound bag of quinoa costs up to ten dollars, ten pounds of rump roast may cost just five bucks. You do the math, Charline . . .

Love Me, Love My Meat!
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