Let’s Go Man Tripping!

The media is chock-a-block with male bonding and man tripping. Just this week the Orlando Sentinel ran a luscious piece on man tripping down in Cabo San Lucas on the tip of the Baja Peninsula. The photographs of rugged men with their shirts open to the breeze, exposing chest hair that would need a machete to tame, riding in dune buggies and bonding around a driftwood fire on the beach, fill the rest of us males with unrequited shame.

But, after all, some of us men have jobs and families and Starbucks tabs to take care of, and can’t just fly off to the ends of the earth with our George Clooney clones for a zombie-fighting, bikini chasing, Harley Davidson, chili cooking extravaganza at the drop of a hat.

So here are some more realistic man trips, for the average nine-to-five Joe:

  • 7-11 marathon. See how many convenience store hot dogs you and your buddies can consume before heading to the ER.
  • Flattening bottle caps on railroad tracks. This activity is strictly for the bad boy crowd — of which you are certainly a member. Watch out for the yard bulls, or the ghost of Casey Jones!
  • Barbershop quartet. What, you think four men singing in close harmony is too tame? Just try it . . . while riding on electric scooters in a No Scooter Zone! You’ll be on the lam from the law in no time, having all sorts of buddy adventures.
Let’s Go Man Tripping!
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