Makeup for Men?

Men don’t get made up unless they’re circus clowns, right? Better think again. The French makeup and perfume monolith Chanel just announced they are bringing out a line of makeup specifically for men. The fashion formers in Paris say they are just going along with the latest trends in the changing concept of masculinity. The bewhiskered, cigar-chomping, plain-faced brute is losing his appeal — going out with the passenger pigeon and the dodo. Instead, a gentler, milder, more caring and clean-faced gentlemen is gaining ground on all fronts. One who is not ashamed to highlight his natural beauty with a little discreet help from a jar or pencil.

So, at least, Chanel wants us to believe as they peddle their new line of creams and other gewgaws for men.

This new line of masculine makeup will make a soft debut in South Korea in October this year, and then go world-wide in November. Just in time to bat your eyelids at the table while carving the roast turkey.

The brand is being called ‘Boy de Chanel.’ The products include:

  • A foundation paste that comes in several pastel shades, meant to hide facial blemishes of all kinds — but probably not tattoos.
  • A tinted lip balm, to keep lips moist and colorful.
  • And an eyebrow pencil to touch up those bushy caterpillars above your eyeballs — in black, brown, ochre, and gray. Excuse me while I run away and join the circus . . .
Makeup for Men?
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