Do Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women?

The website ‘LiveScience’ has a provocative article today on why men lose weight faster than women. A recent research study with two-thousand adults in Australia and New Zealand demonstrated that when men and women go on crash diets together, the men lose weight faster than their female counterparts.

Don’t shoot the messenger, ladies! I’m just reporting the facts. The researchers say that since men have higher metabolic rates than women they will automatically lose more weight than a woman during the same time frame. The good news for women is that when they do start catching up with men in the weight loss race, they tend to lose more of it around their hips than men do. That would explain all those chunky waddling men down at Weight Watchers. They’re not called hipsters for nothin’.

If you read between the lines, however, the report suggests some other reasons men lose weight faster than women:

  • Men move more furniture, more often, than women. A woman may move a rug once a year, but most men move grand pianos and cast iron flower pots every other day. At the request of women.
  • Men don’t believe in the existence of calories to begin with. So they have no effect on them.
  • Men put so much hot sauce on everything that melted fat oozes through their pores like water from a sponge.
  • And men just lie more than women.



Do Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women?
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