Best Classic Cars To Convert To Electric

Electric cars are the wave of the future. It might take some time, if you ask experts like the motor trend enthusiasts at Easton Law Office, but sooner or later electric cars will rule the road. This might leave you wondering, what’s to happen to all those classic gas-powered models you hold dear? Are they to fall by the wayside, abandoned after the electric revolution runs its course? Not so, if you’ve got the money for a conversion. 

Here are just a few of the classic cars that have been made electric, ensuring they’ll still be running strong after the all-electric future finally arrives.

Which Classic Car Should You Convert?

Opinions on this topic will vary, naturally, depending on who you ask. Writing for Automobile Mag, automotive journalist Todd Lassa stressed that converting a classic car to a full battery-electric drive alters a classic car in such a way that it loses its old school cool points, but also argues that it will keep that older car on the road and in good working order. Specific models he identified as being good picks for such a procedure included:

  • Post-Bugeye Austin-Healey Sprite (1962-71) / MG Midget (1962-79)
  • 1966-67 Dodge Charger
  • 1972-82 Fiat X1/9, 1982-89 Bertone X1/9
  • 1965-69 Chevrolet Corvair
  • 1974-78 Ford Mustang II Mach I

There’s a method to the madness of these picks, as Lassa says, “Electrify the second-tier versions of certain collectible cars and keep the icons original.” You’ll find no such objection from other car experts, however. Check Stephen Edelstein’s list on the same topic, and it seems no type of classic car is off limits when it comes to conversions:

  • 1960s Vintage Ford Mustang
  • Jaguar E-Type Zero
  • Kreisel Evex 910e
  • Moke America e-Moke
  • Voitures Extravert Quintessenza
  • Volkswagen e-Beetle
  • Volkswagen Type20 Concept
  • Zero Labs Ford Bronco
  • Zombie 222 Ford Mustang
  • The Adam Lansing Toyota Celica

Two schools of thought on the issue, so you might think it mainly comes down to which classic car you feel is worth converting and if the conversion is feasible. 

There are a few other concerns you’ll want to keep in mind, though, says San Francisco Bay Area car accident attorney Dan Rose, like whether or not the conversion will result in an automobile that’s safe to drive. You want to stay safe while you’re driving, so be sure that while you’re doing those electric upgrades you’re also outfitting your classic car with a few modern safety features that will make your conversion safe for the modern roads.

Best Classic Cars To Convert To Electric
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