3 Top Reasons Why Men Should Read

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  • The Obvious: Reading Improves Intelligence

It’s been proven time and time again, reading makes you more intelligent. The more you read the better your reading comprehension becomes. Reading also improves your emotional intelligence as well as your vocabulary. The more exposure you have to new words the more improved your conversation skills become.  

  • Reading Broadens Your Perspectives

Reading exposes you to new views and perspectives. There are entire worlds outside of your social circle and reading is the best way to relate to and understand those worlds. Reading brings forth new beliefs and ideas that may have never occurred to you. Reading stimulates the right side of the brain, opening our minds to new possibilities and helps us analyze the world through a different lens.

  • Reading Fiction Improves Imagination

Reading helps acquire the ability to improve your imagination. Science fiction and fantasy novels are especially good at fueling imaginative thoughts. The top inventors at Google, Microsoft, and Apple all read science fiction when they were young. Science Fiction opens your mind’s eye to innovations and turns your gears to create and imagine other possibilities.

May I Suggest

If you’re ready to start reading but need help finding the perfect book, may I suggest Journeyman by Mark J. Rose. Journeyman is a science fiction time travel novel set in 1762 colonial America. While hiking, Matt Miller is caught in the cross fires of a time-travel experiment gone terribly wrong. He is inexplicably transported to an unfamiliar barn residing over 200 years in the past. Now he must use his 21st century knowledge in a time before all modern-day conveniences.

The time to start reading is now. Improve your intelligence, expand your imagination, and broaden your horizons.

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3 Top Reasons Why Men Should Read
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