4 Easy Ways to Get What You Want in Life

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Getting what you want in life takes more than just wishing for it. In fact, as you’ll realize later in life, wishing does nothing. It takes real effort and time to accomplish life goals and procure assets of interest. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to get what you want. Follow these four life hacks to help you get that job promotion you’ve been gunning for months now or that brand new car you’ve been eyeing at the local dealership:

Be Assertive

Assertiveness and confidence are important qualities that are commonly possessed by type-A personalities or extroverts. But even as an introvert, it’s crucial to work on being more assertive with what you want. For some people, it can be difficult to assert themselves when the situation calls for it, whether it’s a dining table stand-off for that last piece of pie or a party invitation that they don’t really want to go to. Failure to be assertive can affect various aspects of one’s life, including personal relationships and professional progress. To practice this quality, start by addressing the root cause of your inability to be assertive. This can usually be traced back to insecurities, such as physical appearance or lack of professional accomplishments. You can then start to work on those insecurities and slowly regain your confidence.

Be Resourceful

Resourcefulness is another important quality that successful people leverage. It allows one to move from one problem to the next without being encumbered by a lack of proper tools or immediate solutions. For instance, if you want a home for your growing family, you can look at loans as a resource or tool for procuring property. Dive in deeper by assessing the types of loans that could benefit you best. For instance, if you are a retired military member, you can use loans that are specifically tailored for veterans. Most, if not all, of these financial products don’t have VA loan limits in Riverside, which means it can fund 100% of the property’s purchase price at zero down payment.

Make Small Sacrifices

People who get what they want in life are able to do so by sacrificing temporary pleasures for the bigger picture. Every day, you are bombarded with stimuli and decisions that cost money, time, and energy, all of which are limited resources. If you spend a predominant amount of it binge-watching the latest Netflix shows or buying name-brand items to impress your social circle, you will have a more difficult time achieving bigger life goals, like saving enough money to do a year’s worth of travel or launching a business idea you’ve had for years now. Find alternatives to things that you enjoy doing or consuming, such as generic brand foods that taste similar to whatever name-brand foods you consume. Trimming the proverbial excess fat from your lifestyle can help you run more efficiently and allow you to hit your milestones quicker.

Be a Planner

While it’s healthy to let loose and take those sporadic day trips to a beach or hiking trail, getting what you want requires meticulous planning and preparation beforehand. Having a blueprint of what you want to get, when you expect to get it, and how you plan on getting it increases the probability of success. Adopt the habit of planning for anything and everything that is associated to a life goal of yours. For instance, if you want to be well-off by the time you hit 30, you should have a plan that includes ideal yearly income and net worth projections. If you want to launch a business by next year, you should plan for product launch campaigns, advertising channels, fundraising, etcetera. Without a plan, you might be fooled into thinking that you are moving closer to a goal when you are actually just moving around aimlessly.

Getting what you want in life is a matter of how much time and effort you want to spend to acquire it. Most people claim they want something yet are afraid or too lazy to work for it. As a final tip, it’s important to understand that working towards one thing means you pull focus from other things in life that may also be equally, if not more, important. While focus is crucial, strive to balance your limited resources between life goals and loved ones.

4 Easy Ways to Get What You Want in Life
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