5 Reasons Why You Should Use Volvo’s Digital Car Keys

Carrying conventional car keys with you everywhere can be a headache sometimes. When you forget your car keys at home or when you lose them somewhere, you might face several issues. With the use of technology, it is no surprise that all your worst nightmares are now gone. Most of the things around have been digitalized, and when we talk about car keys, there should not be an exception either. This is something Hollywood actor Keanu Reaves is well aware about, as he joins a chorus of celebrities driving Volvo cars with digital keys.

In 2017 Volvo introduced new cars with digital car keys. The virtual key functions on smartphones through which users can easily lock and unlock their cars. The app uses a Bluetooth connection with the car so that when you are nearby, the car automatically unlocks. It is a sensible use of advanced technology.

5 Advantages of Having a Phone Handle Your Digital Car Key

Personal convenience
Volvo users won’t have to face the fuss of carrying the car keys everywhere they go. It won’t be an issue if they forget their keys at home. They can simply unlock their cars using their smartphones. Simple as that! Besides, you won’t have to replace your car keys once they wear out, the digital key stays intact forever. The fuss is reduced when you are in a hurry and getting late to reach somewhere, your car locks automatically unlock, saving much of your time.

Share access to your car
Volvo cars’ digital key implies that sharing a car will become both simple and convenient. Sometimes when your relatives or friends need to use your car, you can grant them access to their smartphones and they can simply drive it. 

Hiring a rental vehicle
When you are abroad and you need a car for use, you can simply rent a car on the app, it will be delivered to your location. You just have to locate it using a GPS and unlock it. You can then drive it off your will. This minimizes the delays of car rental desks.

Misplacing your car keys won’t bother you
It can cause a lot of frustration at one’s end if one misplaces the car keys. You cannot always be lucky to find a locksmith in Atlanta or anywhere in the world on time, and getting a duplicate key is also not that easy. All this agitation is minimalized by the digital key replacement. 

Access to your car is under your control
Sometimes when people have a duplicate key to your car, they can have access to it even when you don’t want them to. Where Volvo digital key allows you to share access to your car with people, it also blocks them from using it. You can share the virtual key with those who you let use your car, you can even set the end time to that access, and they can also virtually return the key. 

This new Bluetooth-enabled technology grants Volvo customers, such as Keanu Reaves,  way more ease of access. So if you are planning to buy a Volvo car with a digital key, go ahead and enjoy this technology. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Volvo’s Digital Car Keys
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