7 Beautiful Wedding Guest Dress Ideas

I love attending weddings as a guest! Part of the fun for me and perhaps for you is finding the perfect outfit. There are so many options but here are a few for the best dress. 

Long-Sleeved Dress

If it’s going to be an outdoor wedding and perhaps a little chilly this is a great choice. A long-sleeved dress looks stylish, especially with floral patterns. You can also match it with black accessories.

Black accessories stand out and look fantastic. I love the different options you can choose here. You definitely want to consider adding a black clutch. 

This is going to be a classic take that will fit well in a modern setting. 

Floor Sweeping 

You may want to consider a floor-sweeping gown. This can look fantastic and will really make you stand out. It’s elegant, it’s bold, it’s going to turn heads. 

You can match this with gold accessories depending on the shade you choose. Think about bangles as well as a gorgeous necklace to frame this choice. 

Pastel Blazer

When I want to appear a little more formal, I always add a blazer to a light pastel, dress. This is a style that was actually recommended by a wedding photographer from Sydney. I love it and I’m sure you will too. 

You should think about finding the perfect blazer to match the dress. It’s great to contrast and clash here for a stunning look. 

This is a great choice for a summer wedding. 

Keep It Simple

Another choice would be to just keep it simple. Sometimes, I select a minimal dress. This can look great too. You can dress it up with accessories that will look fantastic. 

Simple dresses don’t have any standout design features. Yet, they still look incredible. They can be body-hugging if you’re feeling body confident on the big day. 

Printed Maxi 

Consider making a statement with a printed maxi dress. I think this pairs beautifully with a tuxedo jacket. Though, they do look gorgeous without adding any features. 

You should think about accessorising this choice with the right shoes. 


When I’m feeling playful, I opt for a minidress. These can look fantastic and really hit the mark I feel. Particularly, when the right bag is added. 

I often choose a beaded bag to add a little sparkle. With so many different styles of the mini dress, you’re sure to find the right choice. For a wedding, I recommend bright colours.  


Finally, sometimes I’ll select a gorgeous silk dress. It’s ideal for an evening wedding and can be styled up with the right blazer. 

Silk dresses are ideal if you want to make a statement. You’re guaranteed to be the talk of the event. Just try not to take too much attention from the bride. 

I hope this helps you find the perfect dress. If you also look for affordable wedding venues in Sydney, there are countless options there too. So do make sure you shop around before settling on the perfect spot for a wedding. 
*Images in this post are courtesy of perfectmoment.net.au

7 Beautiful Wedding Guest Dress Ideas
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