8 Common Myths About Baldness Busted and Answered

Men have been losing hair for an eternity, and it’s nothing new. On the other hand, myths about baldness never ceases to amaze.

This is because men are desperately trying to find the reason why it happens and when, as well as what they can do about it to make it stop.

With that in mind here are some of the most common myths about baldness busted and answered.

1. Masturbation can make you bald


No scientific evidence was ever linked to the connection between hair loss and masturbation. It’s believed that baldness may somehow be related to masturbation since it increases testosterone levels, which is the main cause of baldness.

According to a 2001 study, masturbation is actually good for you as it keeps testosterone levels in check which is helpful in preventing hair loss.

2. Increased testosterone makes you bald

Not true.

Male baldness is caused by a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT), but there is no scientific proof that high levels of testosterone causes male baldness.

There is some connection to DHT sensitivity, but hair loss is common for men with low and high testosterone levels. There are more important indicators like your genetics or hair follicle sensitivity than DHT.

3. Shampoos can make you bald


Shampoo is just a shampoo. It isn’t something that human scalps get used to. The hair loss you notice during your showers is a normal thing, and it’s even healthy to shed a few hairs. It’s called the Telogen hair growth phase.

So, don’t be afraid to change shampoos regularly as no harm can come from it. Even if you use hair products excessively, you’re still not going bald.

4. Every man goes bald after 50

Although it appears to be so, it isn’t.

Age has nothing to do with male pattern baldness and there are no patterns or rules to prove otherwise, despite all the research. Most Americans struggle with some form of hair loss when they reach 35.

The only thing we know for certain is that the process of hair loss doesn’t stop once it begins. That’s why it’s vital to act early upon discovery

5. You inherit baldness from your mother’s side


Male pattern baldness isn’t that simple. This myth relies on the fact that male baldness relies on the X chromosome, which mothers pass on to their sons. Your mother’s side is just one side of your genetics and it’s possible to inherit baldness from both sides.

Genetics plays a crucial role here since it’s one of the most common causes of baldness. If your father was bald, chances are you’ll experience hair loss. Baldness is polygenetic, so both sides of your family are involved.

6. There are no treatments for a receding hairline


There are many scientifically and clinically proven treatments for a receding hairline that give proven results. In fact, you can find everything you need to know about the most effective treatments for a receding hairline by visiting Illumiflow and learning the difference between LED and Laser hair restoration treatments.

It’s important to know that there is something you can do about it and it’s the approach you take that matters the most. Getting personalized expert advice is free, so give it a try and put an end to the onstart of hair loss. 

7. Stress causes hair loss

Partially true.

Traumatic events such as a divorce, breaking up with a girl or a loss of a loved one along with anxiety and stress can result in hair loss but this is only temporary. There is no direct connection between this and male pattern baldness as balding is a permanent condition. 

On the more positive side, stress-related hair loss is temporary and therefore, reversible.

8. Constantly wearing hats causes baldness


This is perhaps one of the most common male pattern baldness myths that have been going on for decades. Many believe that wearing hats causes hair loss because of oxygen being cut off and the lack of air circulation to the scalp.

This is far from the truth and the more common reason to losing your hair if you happen to wear hats has to do with genetics and hormonal factors.

So just wash your hat regularly and your hair too and you’re good to go.

Vladimir Ilic

The fitness world has always intrigued me, and that’s why I gravitate towards weightlifting, healthy dieting and supplementation as the main subject of my writing. I’ve been at this for several years, and you could say that, apart from playing bass and hitting the gym, exploring the impact of dieting on fitness is one of my greatest passions.

8 Common Myths About Baldness Busted and Answered
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