Cashmere Sweater Men – Those Who Know Quality

What separates cashmere sweater men from others who are both fashion conscious and realize that not only must an article of clothing look incredible, it should be timeless and provide exceptional comfort and quality. It is for this reason that these men select Cashmere sweaters as part of their wardrobe.

What is it that sets Cashmere apart from other fabrics and materials? 

Firstly there is the fact that Cashmere is incredibly comfortable and warm, as well as soft, while at the same time being extremely durable. With correct care, a Cashmere sweater can last for over a decade.

It is also the expense of Chasmere that sets it apart from other yarns. Cashmere sweater men are prepared to pay that premium for a fabulous product that stands head and shoulders above the competition, but the question remains, why is Cashmere so pricey?

For an answer to that question, we must look to the original home of Cashmere, the high Himalayas. Although many people think that Cashmere has its origins in the Indian state of Cashmere that is not the case, although Cashmere has been cultivated there since the 16th century. Originally Cashmere was gathered in countries such as Mongolia and regions of China.

During the winters at extremely high altitudes, Cashmere goats grow a thick layer of wool. This fleece in that consists of two layers. The outer layer protects the inner, fine fleece from water and snow, while the inner ultra-fine hairs keep the goats warm even in the face of extremely low temperatures (as low as -40 °C).

When summer arrives the goatherds sheer these sheep and those ultra-fine hairs are teased out by hand. Those fibers are then dyed and spun out to form yarn.

This is a time-consuming and laborious process that contributes to the high price of Cashmere yarn. However, there is also the matter of scarcity. Each goat only produces about only about 4 ounces (110 grams) of Cashmere fibers. It takes fiber from between four to eight cashmere goats to make one sweater. Industry research indicates that around 6000 tonnes of cashmere are produced per year. Compare this to the 1.3 million tonnes of normal wool that is produced each year. It is simple economics – scarcity equals a higher price.

Cashmere sweater men are aware that they are wearing a uniquely desirable product. But when it comes down to it why is Cashmere that superior to ordinary wool?

For one thing, Cashmere clothing is warmer than that which is made from wool. In fact, tests have shown that Cashmere provides up to three times more insulation than wool. Secondly, Cashmere yarn has a very small diameter – making it the softest of yarns. The result is a sweater that is softer and more comfortable than those that are made with wool. The density of the fibers means that Cashmere is not scratchy – and can even be worn directly on the skin. It is also a tremendously light yarn, far lighter than wool, and yet still has that superior insulation. 

There is an issue had should be taken into account when purchasing a Cashmere sweater. Buyers should always ensure that they are dealing with a reputable company (like Quinn). Cashmere yarn is almost always mixed with other yarns (such as wool) to ensure durability. However, there are unscrupulous dealers who will exaggerate the percentage of Cashmere in a garment. For the inexperienced, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between a high-quality Cashmere garment and one of inferior quality.

If one were to get technical the length of the fibers matter. The longer the fiber, the more durable the garment. The longest fibers are taken from the neck and the underbelly of the Cashmere goat. These are in the highest demand – and are rarer, hence the price of the higher quality Cashmere sweaters. However, these are worth the expenditure. They tend to last far longer than those of inferior quality.

There are some ways that you can tell if you are getting a Chasmere sweater that conforms to the highest quality standards. Of course (as mentioned) always deal with a company that has reputation for the supply of exceptional quality Cashmere garments. However, if you are going to be making the purchase in person test how light and soft it is. It should be significantly different from your average wool garment. Next place the garment around your neck, it should not be at all itchy. The brand you buy should also state whether two-ply yarn has been used. This is when two threads of yarn are twisted together before the knitting process takes place. These garments are usually of superior quality.

Cashmere sweater men know quality and they know style. For them, there simply is no substitute for the luxury and classic feel of Cashmere.
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Cashmere Sweater Men – Those Who Know Quality
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