Effective Design of Product

The success of an organization is contingent on the satisfaction of customers and their delight. The way to achieve customer satisfaction is by the development of products and services that have all the attributes needed by the client. The products or services that are successful don’t just have beautiful packaging but are capable of providing reliable performance.

So, product designs should be practical enough for production, and strong enough to offer an advantage over the competition.

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Design for Product

A well-designed product has some common traits:

Product Design:

The design should provide product functionality in line with the needs of customers, and also provide consistent performance throughout the life of the product.


The aesthetics of the product is essential to your product’s success. The aesthetics of the product are dependent on the marketplace and the final customer.


The design of the product will allow for efficient production of products using the current production techniques.

Profitable product design:

It should be financially sound it will provide value to customers and long-term sustainability for the business.


A well-designed design of a product should allow it to stand out from its rivals. This can be achieved through appealing packaging and by offering an additional service for the product.

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The Objectives of Product Design

The goal of product design is to please the customer and increase the value to the consumer at a minimal cost. The product or service must be able to satisfy the basic requirements and desires of the client. This might not require the development of a brand new product, but instead improvement to existing services or products.

Steps of Product Design

Product design is a thinking approach that considers all possibilities and even beyond. The process could be broken down into three phases:

First stage:

This stage involves brainstorming, sharing ideas, and analyzing feedback from customers and markets.

Second Stage:

The idea transformed into a viable solution to meet the customer’s expectations, using the resources available and technology.

Third Stage:

The third stage is the last phase where the product is introduced into the market.

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Factors that affect the design of products

A successful product will be a combination of the following factors:

The correct selection of team members is crucial to have the right team on board with skilled designers who are not just adept and familiar with technology, but also aware of the expectations of customers.

Participation of the customers in the design of products and testing can give insight into the overall direction of the project.

Testing and prototyping Product design is risky as it requires investment in capital and manpower. Therefore, it is crucial that thorough prototyping and testing are done in conjunction with the customer and market.

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Raw Material:

The raw material utilized in the manufacturing process must be in line with the standards of quality for the final product. In addition, the procurement system has for being in place to guarantee constant, cost-effective supply.

Process layout and production method of production and layout of the process determine the future performance that the final product will achieve.

External Factors:

Environmental factors and government regulations play an essential role in the design of products. They are also updated periodically which is why product design must be flexible enough to adjust to changes.

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Product Choice:

The process of selecting a production line is carried out using a combination of the analysis of financials, risk, and the existing portfolio of products and raw material supply as well as the pre-determined criteria for product selection.

Effective Design of Product
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