Facts to Know About Dymatize Iso100: A Hydrolysed Protein Powder

Dymatize ISO 100 is a protein powder supplement that has been produced by a popular brand name Dymatize. It is a hydrolysed Whey product which offers isolate whey with lowest amount of calories and fat and includes enzymes to break it to make it as effective as basic amino acids.

Working of ISO 100

Dymatize ISO 100 help in digesting the food you eat quickly than any other standard isolate supplement. It is considered as the best protein powder to be taken not only after workout but also before and during a workout session as it is very effective for recovery of muscles and body cells and tissues.

Ingredients of Dymatize ISO100

Hydrolysed Whey is the main ingredient in this protein powder which helps in quick recovery much better than any of their form whey. It also includes soy lecithin, cocoa powder, artificial and natural flavours artificial sweetener ad potassium chloride. One scoop of this whey supplement includes 25gm protein, 2 gm carbohydrates, 0.5 gm fat and, 120 calories which makes it the best protein supplement with nearly 5 calories for every gram of protein in it. The taste of Dymatize ISO100 is somewhat salty as 7% or 160mg of its intake includes sodium. Other micronutrients in this protein supplement include 10% calcium and 3% fats.

Effectiveness and benefits of Dymatize ISO100

Though most of the ingredients found in Dymatize ISO100 are found in most of the protein supplements available in the market but hydrolysed whey is the ingredient that makes it different and more effective than any other similar product. The whey concentrate in this supplement is least processed to make it the best whey isolate with extremely low fat and carbs. The hydrolysed whey is broken down into acids and enzymes which help in improving the digestive system of the users. It does not cause any problem to lactose sensitive people as each serving of the whey supplement includes less than half gram of lactose. Moreover, soy lecithin and sucralose in it may not affect your testosterone levels negatively.

Price of ISO100

A packaging of 24 servings or 1.6 pounds will normally be available from $29 to $35 which makes it a bit costlier than other whey supplements. But its price is higher due to hydrolysed whey in it. If you buy its larger tub packing, then its cost will reduce to some extent.


It can be mixed very well in any liquid including water and milk etc. to make a frothy drink. It dissolves quickly due to soy lecithin in it.

Pros of Dymatize ISO 100

  • It is tasty even with water
  • Helps to recover fast
  • Every calorie includes a lot of proteins
  • Practically free from lactose
  • Cholesterol level is low

Cons of Dymatize ISO 100

  • Includes soy
  • Not completely hydrolysed
  • A bit costly
  • Includes artificial sweeteners


You may not be able to experience the difference between a regular protein supplement and a hydrolysed whey supplement if you are not an athlete. Dymatize ISO100 is the best protein powder for athletes as it improves their digestive system and helps them recover fast at a very reasonable cost.

Facts to Know About Dymatize Iso100: A Hydrolysed Protein Powder
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