How Dr. Dov Rand Helps Men with Erectile Dysfunction

Sex is a big part of adult life, no matter your age. Numerous studies have shown that men are happier and healthier if they are able to regularly engage in intimate sexual activity. However, it is an unfortunate reality that as men age they are prone to suffer from erectile dysfunction, which can interrupt a healthy sex life. Thankfully, with modern medical advances, this condition is now very treatable. We connected with Dr. Dov Rand of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers, a leader in the field of erectile dysfunction treatment, for a look at the ways in which he helps men regain sexual function.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

To understand how it is treated, it is first helpful to understand how this condition can come about. There are a number of different bodily systems that come into play when a man becomes aroused. The nervous system provides the stimulus to achieve an erection, after it has perceived some sort of arousing stimulus. After that, the muscular system will relax muscles in and around the penis to help encourage blood flow to the area. The vascular system will then fill the penis with blood, causing it to become engorged. If any of these systems are not functioning properly, then the quality of a man’s erectile function will suffer.

Application of shockwaves

One innovative treatment used by Dr. Dov Rand in his practice is known as shockwave therapy, or GAINSWave. In this treatment, a shockwave device is applied to the penis for around twenty minutes per session. Over the course of multiple sessions, the treatment helps many men regain their ability to achieve and maintain an erection. This is accomplished in part through angiogenesis, which is the process by which new blood vessels are created. Since the therapy induces new blood vessels to be created in the penis, the result is increased blood flow to the organ. Since erections are largely a product of blood flow, this increase helps to improve erectile quality.

Hormone therapy as a treatment

Another treatment used at the practice is the administration of hormone therapy. Hormones, most notably testosterone, play a huge role in a man’s ability to become sexually aroused. With a sufficient level of testosterone in a man’s body, his libido will drop and he will no longer be interested in sexual activity. Traditionally this has been treated through the use of synthetic hormones that approximated the hormones found naturally in a man’s body. However, the doctor’s practice instead uses bio-identical hormones, which have been shown to have a more pronounced effect on a range of medical issues. These hormones, which more closely mimic the natural hormones found in the body, represent an emerging and rapidly growing area of research in the medical field.

With regular sexual activity being widely recognized as a contributor of good health, the issue of erectile dysfunction treatment is an important one for men as they age. With the emergence of new and innovative treatments, such as the ones offered by Dr. Dov Rand at his practice, we are better placed to combat this condition than ever before (Doctor.WebMD). If you struggle with ED, consider seeking out treatment options such as those outlined above.

How Dr. Dov Rand Helps Men with Erectile Dysfunction
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