Mint Mobile review: Wi-Fi Calling and Text

Mint Mobile has enabled Wi-Fi calling and texting on compatible phones. When you cannot get good coverage, you can connect to your nearest Wi-Fi and use it to make calls and send and receive text messages. 

Wi-Fi calling and texting is only available for Android and iPhone users. So, if you have a different kind of phone, it may be time to move to another phone manufacturer. Wi-Fi is a great way to save your data as well. 

When using Wi-Fi, you will not use any of the data you purchased with your plan. That’s why it’s important to be on the lookout for free Wi-Fi, or getting Wi-Fi set up for your home. This way you can call, text, and use the internet with Wi-Fi without tapping into your limited data. 

For iPhones to enable Wi-Fi calling you can go to settings > phone > Wi-Fi calling. You can turn on “Wi-Fi Calling on This Phone” and allow for your phone to use Wi-Fi to make and receive calls and texts. In order to be able to use Wi-Fi calling you need to have a 5C or later model. 

In order to use Wi-Fi calling on Android phones you can pull down the notification tabs and long-press the Wi-Fi icon to pull open Wi-Fi preferences. Once in the Wi-Fi preferences window, click on “Advanced”. You will then be able to see Wi-Fi calling and turn the switch on. 

Using Wi-Fi calling and text will not affect your phone number. You will still call and text from your same phone number, you just won’t be using your service provider. You can also partake in unlimited Wi-Fi calling and text messaging without having to pay for overages or fees. 

Just like with spotty coverage, spotty or weak Wi-Fi can affect your service. Without coverage or Wi-Fi, you are unfortunately stuck with no calling or texting abilities. 

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When you are out of the country, you can also take advantage of the Wi-Fi calling and texting with no fees or charges. In order to use international calling, texting, and roaming, you have to add money to your UpRoam account. When you use Wi-Fi calling, though, it is completely free from all countries. 

You can also use Wi-Fi to use data and text without fees or charges or using the money in your UpRoam account. You can use Wi-Fi when you don’t have coverage to call and you can use your UpRoam account to make calls and texts and use data when you don’t have Wi-Fi. 

Plus, when you run out of money in your UpRoam account, you can either add more or use Wi-Fi calling. They do not automatically charge you for more. Then, if you don’t use it all, it can roll over to the next month with no expiration date. 

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Mint Mobile review: Wi-Fi Calling and Text
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