The Seven Stages of the Marijuana Plant

With the legalization of marijuana in many places worldwide, it has offered people access to this medicinal herb that has many benefits. Although the benefits are limitless, cannabis does come at a cost. To avoid this buying process, you can now grow marijuana at home. There are many places where growing marijuana is legal. Before you decide to germinate cannabis at your home, make sure you check whether it is legal where you live or not. ILGM site offers some great tips and tricks for enthusiasts who are looking to grow marijuana. Below are the seven stages of the marijuana plant.

Stage 1: Germination

Cannabis plants have male and female species. Cannabis plants follow the procedure of sexual reproduction to create new plants. Female marijuana plants are very beneficial as they contain the buds and have a high THC content. If kept near, the male plant is useless and can harm the female plant by the fertilization process. These days you can easily get feminized seeds that are female. 

During the germination process, you have to select a feminized seed first to get started. The seed can be immersed in the soil or in a paper towel. Ensure that the seeds get enough moisture and the right temperature during the germination process.  

Stage 2: Seedling

Once the germination stage is over and the plant is planted in soil, they will start to grow. The process of seedling starts when the seeds produce leaves that can take sunlight. Gradually the marijuana leaves will sprout out. This stage generally lasts for 2 to 3 weeks. Ensure proper sunlight and temperature for the best results.

Stage 3: Vegetative Stage

During this stage, the plant takes in more nutrients and carbon dioxide. They also start multiplying as tall as 2 inches per day. Due to the size, you might need to transfer it to a separate pot during this process. This stage lasts for around 3 to 8 weeks, and you can also identify the kind of growing plants, which are either Sativa or Indica plants. At this stage, the males can contain pollen sacs. It is advised to remove the plant to allow harvesting.

Stage 4: Flowering Stage

The plant requires an equal duration of sunlight and darkness for the best growth during the flowering stage. This is also the last stage of the plant’s growth, lasting for around 6 to 8 weeks. The flowers that bloom contain a sticky kind of resin and trichomes. This is the sign that the plant is growing well. During this stage, temperatures should be maintained between 68F to 77F, and nitrogen intake should be stopped.

Stage 5: When to Harvest

Once the flowering stage has passed, the tricky part is when to harvest the plant. The right timing can help you get the right smell and taste, which is why you should wait for the right moment. One of the best ways of ascertaining is observing the pistils. When the cannabis plant’s pistils start to turn brown, it is best to harvest then.

Stage 6: Pruning

Once the plant is cut down, it is now time for pruning. Pruning is a crucial stage as it ensures the buds are round and good to smoke. There are two types of pruning, the wet and the dry process. Following this process and then using scissors to cut down the sticky buds finely will give you delicate buds.

Stage 7: Next Season Preparation

The last stage involves preparing for the next season. In this stage, you can select the branch of any production plant and then plant it in a rooting solution. Make sure to cut the plant at least 4 inches for the best results. Doing this will ensure you get identical genetics having the same potency and buds that it had before. 

The Seven Stages of the Marijuana Plant
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