Michael Andrew Lauchlan: 5 Personality Traits to Cultivate for Success in Real Estate

As a professional, how do you stand out? If you haven’t been in an interview lately, you might not think about that question as much as you should. 

In reality, understanding your professional personality is important so that you can utilize your skill and build upon your opportunities to grow. Unfortunately, for too many professionals, growth plateaus at times that can be pivotal to your career. The good news is that you can grow through these periods to excel instead of stunting.

Michael Andrew Lauchlan, a real estate investing expert, understands that personality is everything. By understanding that success only starts at obtaining your dream job, Michael Andrew Lauchlan has built his empire by a continued determination to be better than the day before. 

As someone who has focused his personality on driving his professional success, Michael Andrew Lauchlan is sharing 5 personality traits to cultivate for success in real estate.

How do you believe you’ve reached the success that you have?

I believe that I’ve been able to achieve success through, most notably, my determination. It’s my determination that gets me through the good and bad days. 

While I might not always wake up with the motivation to be my best, I do always wake up with the knowledge that I can be my best if I try hard enough. It’s with that mindset that I’ve separated myself to become a leader in the field.

How have you maintained your success?

Staying curious is at the root of maintaining my success long term. I’ll never wake up and think I’ve learned all that I need. On the contrary, I love the field for the seemingly limitless opportunities to continue learning. 

By maintaining a curiosity that keeps my mind open, I’ve been able to stay up to date with new information and stay at the front of the field. While I’ve met a lot of successful people over the course of my career, I quickly realized that this success is only sustainable to those always seeking opportunities to learn from their resources, their network, and their experiences.

What has been your secret to growing as a leader in the real estate field?

A real estate business strategy is clearly defined with short- and long-term goals. World class customer service skills are at the heart of my success. At the end of the day, real estate is connecting people with their new homes, businesses, or opportunities. 

Being kind, knowledgeable, and understanding with my clients and my clients’ needs is why they keep coming back and recommend me to those around them which, in turn, helps to expand my network!

What is the worst quality someone in real estate can have?

A static outlook is the worst quality someone in real estate can have. It’s important that you stay innovative and open to every new opportunity that may come your way over the course of your career. There’s no room for narrow thinking.

What do you look for in colleagues?

I need those around me to be passionate and excited about what they do. When you have a thrill for your career, it changes how you work and how those around you view your work. I’ve yet to see anyone succeed without going into every day with a passion for what they do.

Michael Andrew Lauchlan: 5 Personality Traits to Cultivate for Success in Real Estate
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