Top Pieces Of Safety Gear Every Motorcycle Rider Needs To Have

motorcyclist holding a black helmet

Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous. In 2017 alone, 5,172 motorcyclists died in crashes, and motorcyclists, on average, were 27 times more likely to die on the road than those in passenger cars. 

Experts with familiarity on these types of collisions, like McLachlan law, motorcycle attorney in Hermosa Beach, know that they can be quite serious, so it’s in the interest of every motorcycle rider to protect themselves with the right gear while they’re on the road. Here are your “must-haves” to help mitigate the possibility of serious injury.

A Sturdy Helmet

Without a doubt, one of the most important pieces of safety equipment for riders is a strong, well-fitted helmet. You could read whole tomes on the various types of helmets, how they’re rated for safety, how to find the right fit for your head, etc. 

It’s worth getting acquainted with the wealth of information that’s out there, but for our purposes today, just know that helmets save lives, and even if you live in a state where wearing one isn’t required by law, you’re better off with one than without.

Jacket/Torso Protection

Your midsection might be vulnerable if you ever have to “lay the bike down” to avoid catastrophe, so you’ll definitely want to keep those protected. Having even a simple motorcycle jacket when you ride is always a great idea to help shield your body from potential abrasions. 

If you want to provide yourself with an even greater degree of protection, though, you might also look at armor-reinforced (with padding and extra fabric) jackets, or chest armor padding if you’re going to be riding in areas with more difficult terrain.

Boots & Gloves

You should always keep your extremities covered up while you ride. That’s why boots and gloves are such an essential part of every rider’s kit. For boots, you’ll want to find something specific for riding. The old classic “black leather” look generally fits the bill, but you can also find more modern-style boots to match your aesthetic, should you choose.

As for gloves, you once again have plenty of options, from fingerless “old school” styles to high-quality sports options that also cover up your forearms. It all depends on your personal preferences.

Ear Protection

It might not be the first thing you think of, but motorcycles are loud. All those decibels could damage your ears, so be sure to add some earplugs to your safety gear list. They’ll make both the roar of your bike and the sounds of the wind rushing by your face more manageable, and help protect from hearing loss if you ride regularly.

Top Pieces Of Safety Gear Every Motorcycle Rider Needs To Have
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