Lower back pain, precaution, and cure

Lower back pain is quite prevalent and it affects both men and women primarily at a certain age. Statistics say up to 85% people are dealing with lower back pain. It is a pain in piriformis muscle. Piriformis muscle is located in the buttocks. Most of the time the cause for the lower back pain goes unanswered, hence the term “non-specific lower back pain” exists.

Leading a sedentary lifestyle due to encumbrance or on purpose could be considered as the ultimate reason for lower back pain. Being desk-bound without interruption and lack of physical exercise result in back pain. Herniated disc, injuries, fractures, weightlifting, sleeping in a twisted position, standing for a long time without changing position and sudden vigorous physical exercise also cause lower back pain. Normally a back pain stays for more than a month and it occurs suddenly. When the condition is such then it is called acute low back pain. It takes a couple of weeks maximum to recover from lower back pain. You might not need any kind of medical or professional help unless the pain stays for more than six weeks. In which case, you may want to read some CBD Oil articles first.

When the lower back pain stays continuously for more than three months then it becomes a chronic condition. Not treating acute lower back pain properly might make it a chronic condition. Also, Vitamin D deficiency in blood levels also causes chronic lower back pain. Only 20% people suffer from this chronic condition and it is not at all common. Reason can be many but what is important is to treat the pain at the right time and properly. Not knowing the specific reason for the back pain doesn’t hinder the treatment at all.

Which leads to the side note that lower back pain is as common as sunrise so technically it offers a great career opportunity as a trainer. Lower back pain course is the first step towards reaching the goal. Anyone who is interested in helping people suffering lower back pain, boosting moral support to recover and acquiring a lot of knowledge should try such courses, achieve the trainer certificate and develop a career out of it.

Now quickly returning to the main topic of lower back pain. To avoid lower back pain one must stay active. Being lethargic is a big no for one’s own good. Staying active is so crucial that it is suggested to move your body and muscles even if someone is suffering from low back pain. Suffering from a back pain continuously will surely impact one’s daily life. It can severely impact one’s mental and physical peace. Being unable to move due to pain and staying on the bed day and night is tough to imagine. It interferes with happiness and sleep. Mere task of using the washroom could be a struggle. But struggles are meant to be survived. It will seem tough but ones the solution is found everything eventually falls into place. The best solution is to take help and contact a professional trainer after you are diagnosed with low back pain. Most of the time only prescribed medicine might not work. Living a disciplined life to cure lower back pain especially chronical, needs a professional trainer who will motivate, keep in check and help to recover as soon as possible.

If not vigorous and strict exercise one must at least walk for half an hour daily to avoid being sluggish. Instead of lift take the staircase. Take a few minutes interval from continuously sitting in front of your desk in the office, take around, come back and continue working. Even if you are at home, do the chored all by yourself to stay active. Avoid sitting or laying on the bed for a long time. Staying active is the cure for many chronic diseases and lower back pain is no different. Children being lethargic is also a common site and the reason is the same, not being active. Stop them from continuously playing video games. Ask them to go outside and play outdoor games. Educate them about the importance of staying active. Choose a healthy lifestyle, not a sedentary lifestyle by putting your life,health, happiness and peace at risk.


Lower back pain, precaution, and cure
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